Ready for Peru?

Volunteering at an unfamiliar place can raise a ton of questions.

Before signing up to volunteer at us, please read some of the next sections for some extra info on volunteering and some of the requirements.

Volunteer overseeing Andean valley with Peruvian flag
Volunteer playing volleyball at the school

A lifetime experience

If you are not a 100% sure if Volunteering is for you, let us give you some quick points on how wonderful an experience it could be:

  1. Traveling is a unique way to get out of your “comfort zone”, learn new things and meet new people.

  2. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. 

  3. Learn some Spanish along the way.

  4. Your contribution supports our project. 

  5. Put a smile on people’s faces! Local people in the region, especially the children in the school, are always interested in the opportunity to meet new people from around the world. You WILL feel welcome!

Explore the Andes

Whether you look for rich history, magical landscapes, beautiful jewelry, or amazing artwork, Peru has it all. Visit us and discover what makes Peru and the Andes so magical. Visit places that were the bedrock of the ancient Inca civilization.

Hats hanging at top of the hill in the Andes
Volunteer walking on the Andean plains
Mamitas walking in the streets

Go on adventure

Whether you look for rich history, magic landscapes, beautiful jewelry, or local artwork, you came to the right place. Besides championing the PASPLE organisation, being a former mayor of the local town of Matapuqiuo, Ahuac, and a painter and weaver herself, Elizabeth is an expert guide and happy to be your personal guide for visits and tours in the area.

At an affordable fee we take volunteers on day trips and local excursions around the area.

Volunteers at the top of the Huaytapallana gletcher
Eli and Nilton at waterfall in the Amazon forest
Eli, Nilton and Alexandra at the Torre Torre rock formations

Ready for an unforgettable experience?

Let us know when you’d like to come and download the Volunteer Kit to prepare yourself and find more info.

Discover Peruvian culture

Weaving is at the centre of Peruvian culture and has been a part of the PASPLE family for two generations. Elizabeth’s own father, Leoncio Tinoco Rodríguez, is a famous Master Weaver in Peru who has received multiple prices and awards for his work and contributions to weaving as an art. He has even been featured in multiple documentaries and expositions including one in in New York for National Geographic.

Eli herself weaves and paints as well as her mother Eva and is well connected with many fine, accomplished local craftsmen and women whose work is renowned in the region and throughout the whole world.

If you love to explore your creative side whilst absorbing the indigenous styles of Peru, we will be happy to oblige!

Mamita weaving
Mr. Hilario carving a mate burilado or bottle gourd
Nino holding little lamb in her arms

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