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As an organization, your volunteering supports our projects in the community. For this reason, we want you to get the best experience out of your stay and meet all your expectations.

In turn, we also have a few requirements for our volunteers:

  • Be over 18 years old

  • No specific prior experience is required.Stay for a minimum of 1 full week doing volunteer work (however, a longer time commitment is always welcome)

  • Intermediate level of spoken Spanish or fluent English.

  • Have a positive attitude, motivated, desire to share and adapt to another way of life and work.

  • Be proactive, help and work as a team

  • Respect other religions and cultures.

  • Respect accommodation rules (House Rules)

  • Act responsibly and respectfully towards your hosts, fellow volunteers, and the community

  • Have travel insurance

  • Send us an email with the below info:

    • Your name

    • Preferred travel dates (so we can check availability)

    • Any dietary requirements (allergies, etc)
      Our meals are mostly vegetable based!

Projects and volunteering

Our work mainly focuses on supporting our community with education & workshops (e.g. sanitary practices, home-safety, social-economic problems) and volunteer work can be anything from teaching to construction.

Our projects range from a wide variety of activities. This is a short list, with some, but not nearly all of the activities:

There is always an ongoing project we are implementing with the help of our generous donors.

  • Building projects (for example the school, stoves for families that still cook with open fire, see picture)

  • Workshops (social, economic, health)

  • Handicrafts with the kids

  • Art projects

  • IT support

  • Teaching (for example: English or anything you’d like to contribute from your professional experience)

You can also let us know in advance what you’re planning, but in general we’ll look for any help or project in the above areas.

Volunteers building a stove for the community


1 week $150
2 weeks: $250
3 weeks: $350

Extra week: $100

The cost is divided into two payments, initial payment (20% of the total stay) to the our sister organization Andino Kids who arranges payments and the rest is paid upon your arrival at the adobe house.

The following is included:

  • Accommodation in our house

  • 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from Monday to Friday and breakfast on Saturday.

  • Transfer from the Cruz del Sur company bus station in Huancayo to the community of Matapuquio-Ahuac (one way)

  • Presence of a local coordinator to support you during your participation

  • Detailed information and preparation prior to the trip

  • Induction and orientation to a project in the community

  • Mini tour of the town of Ahuac. Visit to the Arwaturo archaeological complex and Ñahuimpuquio lagoon.

  • Certificate of participation

    Does not include:

  • Airline ticket

  • Travel (medical) insurance during your volunteering (mandatory)

For more information

Check our Volunteer Kit

Eli with volunteers in Ahuac

Practical information

Before you head to an unknown place it is always good to know some of the things you can expect. 


  • Ahuac (where we are) is about 50 minutes away from Huancayo by taxi. Huancayo is the capital city of the Junín region. It has an elevation of 3259 m.

  • The elevation of most places here is between 3000 and 3600 m, that means that you will have to acclimatize when you get here.

    Generally speaking this takes a few days to a week and it is advisable to take it slow, chew coca leaves or take some altitude droplets which you can buy at any pharmacy in the world. Expect to experience some discomfort, but not too crazy either. As long as you don’t go run a marathon and gradually get accustomed to the new fresh air, you will be all right!


One of the most important things is to get here! There are generally a few ways to get here, even by airplane, but most travellers take either the train or the bus. The only challenge to overcome is the high altitude. Both by bus and train you need to overcome a huge altitude difference in a relatively short period. The highest pass lies at 4781 m above sea level and Lima is at 150 m.

Make sure to check with your physician if this is OK!

  • The bus: Cruz del Sur is the most trusted bus line around Peru and the entire west coast of South America. They operated with high standards and will generally get you from Lima to Huancayo in about 8 hours and prices will go as low as S./39 (Peruvian Soles). From Huancayo you can then take a taxi or ‘collectivo’, a sort of collective taxi bus (this is a great experience).

    Good to know: We can come and pick you up from the Huancayo bus station if you let us know!

  • The train: Huancayo is linked to the Peruvian capital Lima via the trans-Andean Ferrocarril Central Andino, one of the world’s highest train routes. This is the longer but more beautiful way to come to our place. The entire trip to Huancayo takes about 14 hours. The views on this train ride are simply majestic.

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