Since the creation of Peru Luz de Esperanza (PASPLE) our donors and volunteers have always been our main source of support.

Through generous donations we were able to fund, implement and complete various projects in the region that continue to allow the gift of education and socio-economic empowerment to our children and women, and to give the ability to improve their living conditions and take control of their future.

Volunteers joining hands while getting ready for a project

The School

The school project was completed in 2011 with the help of many generous donations and volunteers that came to the rescue.

Before the school was built, teaching had to be done in the fields, in public places or on the grounds of someone else’s property.

Needless to say this became a struggle and the need for our school to ensure continuation became a necessity.

Ever since the creation of the school PASPLE has been involved in the day-to-day operation, management and maintenance of the school. Besides teaching ourselves (Eli has a sociology degree and Nilton majored in electrical engineering) we have volunteers from the region who teach at the school regularly.

Our math teacher has even been one of the first students in the school himself and now gives back by teaching our young ones!

Kid running down the hill in front of the school

It would be an understatement to say the building of the school was important. Over the years, the school has allowed us to get a continuous stream of volunteers teaching our children, helping us with projects and allowing us to have a place to give workshops on a variety of topics from socio-economic issues like domestic violence, hygiene, importance of education, bio-construction, prevention of fires (through open fire cooking and improvised electrical wiring), and many more.

We were able to implement a library where kids can lend books and it has a steady supply of books through the help of our donors and volunteers who keep the books coming!

Further, we have pen pals initiatives where the kids write to international students, we built a stone oven that the community uses when they need to bake bread, individual and communal kitchen stoves (to eliminate open fire cooking in the house which is the primary cause of cancer and fires)

Elizabeth addressing the community of Ahuac
Pierre building the volunteer house

The Volunteer House

After years of housing volunteers in our own rented space in Chupaca, PASPLE was able to buy a plot of land next to the school. It took another few years of hard labor from construction professionals, volunteers and crowd-funding from our donors and supporters to get the house finished in 2020.

It was build using a  traditional earthen construction system called "quincha" and pays tribute to our Peruvian culture. The house functions as the principal place of PASPLE where we house volunteers, hold workshops and are a gathering place for the community since we are at the heart of Ahuac.

Projects in pictures…

We continue to implement new projects, but we love to show off some of the successes we had with our already implemented projects.

From left to right: volunteer working a traditional mud mixture for construction, Nilton next to a completed stove project, Alexandra giving workshop to mamita’s.

volunteer working a traditional mud mixture for construction
Nilton next to a completed stove
Alexandra teaching a mamita during a workshop

Check out the below video or find out more about volunteering right away!

Sometimes images speak louder than words!

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